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Draconequus 2050 In The Dark
Special thanks to my dad who decided to try out his new camera lens by taking a picture of the tube amp in the dark.  For anyone who knows about taking pictures in such an environment, you would know that this was more work than just snapping a grab shot in fact it took about 15 minutes to finally get a shot this good... Also having a tripod and a remote trigger really helps! XD  (I think I will make this my new avitar, it just looks so cool)

Why the blue glow you may ask?  As much as this would concern many people it is actually a sign of a "healthy" tube in that there is a very good vacuum inside.  After doing some reading about it I found out that the blue glow is caused by the electrons actually deflecting off the internal parts of the tube and hitting the inside of the glass.  This occurance seems to be more abundant with "new" production tubes rather than "old" or NOS production tubes likely because a better vacuum and mixture of gasses can be accomplished with today's technology.  This Blue "haze" will change with age and with current output of the tube as well which just adds to the awesomeness XD
Well I'm still alive... I think... I'm sure my choice of submissions confuse anyone who looks through the work I do, but is that really a bad thing? XD
Carrot Pone Perler?
Just chilling at my friends house one day while he was creating some "perler" art... I had no idea what it was even called until he told me and I started looking into it.  He offered me to use his kit while he was working on a couple pieces and I settled on a picture from my phone of Carrot Top... took me about 45 minutes with very little reference, not bad for a first attempt... I think XD
Tube Preamp and Headphone Amp
This preamp I built to go along side with the Draconequus 2050... It sort of became a "Derp" project as I started building it while I was still pretty inexperienced with circuit design so it sat around on a shelf as a pile of random parts sitting in a chassis with a bunch of random holes cut in it for about 3 years Rage

I decided to use this as my starting point for building a preamp to pair up with the 2050 since it was just a power amplifier with no volume control or input switching.  I decided to solve two problems at once by adding a headphone amp to it as well to drive my Grado headphones.  The tubes I used of course are very "ringy" and microphonic which makes listening to quiet music or sound editing through headphones a bit irritating long term.

Technical stuff:

Tubes used: 4x 12B4 (2 tubes in SRPP mode per channel) 2x 6X4 rectifier tubes, 1x 0A2 and 1x 0B2 (Voltage reference tubes to get approx 250V regulated with an IRFP450 Mosfet as the load bearing regulator)
The 12B4's are biased at about 20mA... which is a total of 40mA with both channels.  According to the data sheet I'm basically running them at their maximum "watt" ratings so they run pretty darn hot XD
(I can provide technical information and a schematic to anyone who actually wants to try and build a similar preamp)
The Draconequus 2050 Front Corner
The front corner of the amplifier showing the B+/high voltage switch, power indicator and bias balance lights.
Yes... too many projects... One of which is almost done(and is quite small but still), expect to see completed photos soon of that one!

Then I just started another one in the "Tube amp" category which is the opposite of the one that is almost completed, the complexity is along the lines of tear your hair out... so it acquired the name "Draconequus"... if you guess a Discord themed tube amp you are right!  So far I am in the wood working and case fabricating process and I can't keep up with all the darn Maple wood shavings collecting in every corner of the shop... the occasional one sneaking its way out and getting trapsed around the house.  I havn't even started the metal fabrication process yet and all ready the place is an unbearable mess >_<

On the other side of things I will soon be releasing my next character Flash puppet!  His name is Silver Star and he is about 90% done now! 

Well that is all I got for now, still have not gone through my photo collection but will get there soon... oh and happy St. Patties day!  Clover Button - 1 


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Well hello there! Seems you have stumbled upon my dark secret on the web! (not really I guess). The name's Alan, or you may know me as "Mongo", I am a supposed to be an adult but I collect little pony figures from a show for "little girls" and watch stupid TF2 videos on youtube.

Now after all these years I am finally here to flood the internet with my wrath of art flowing from the abyss of my soul... I'm not much for talking about myself, mainly because I have waaaay too many hobbies and spend most of my time roaming through nature or ripping apart a stereo in the corner of my basement. On the side I tear apart houses and do Electrical work with a good budyy of mine (I guess this is my job Idk), so a bit of trades humour is in my blood... shocking isn't it XD

Well... that is all I have (because I'm lazy and nobody really cares about bios anyways). I hope ye'all be inspired by mah art and photos, and as always keep a positive mind set and you can accomplish great things XD


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